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Technical Terms Swirl Diffuser Terminal units VAV Sound Attenuators

Engineering & Performance Data

· A Wide variety of core styles available

· The Core Styles shown can be used with or without border frames.

· The linear bar spacing (Bar pitch) at 6mm and 12.5mm are available only for 0 deg. and 15 deg. two way deflection.

· The internal supporting Bars are placed at 300mm distance from each other.


· The throw is normally selected up to ¾ of the room length.

· For a large air volume where the throw is more than ¾ of the room length. Distributing the Air volume over several outlets will reduce the throw.

· The drop of the selected outlet plus 1.8m is the minimum grille or register height from the floor.

· From the quick selection diagram the size of the grille / register can be selected taking into account the throw, velocity, pressure loss and noise level of the grille.

· For supply grilles and registers, in addition to air flow, air throw and spread characteristics are the principal factors of selection.

· In order to obtain long air throw and narrow air pattern use the deflections between 0 deg. - 15 deg. deflection angle. For shorter throw and wide air pattern use 15 deg. 2way angle linear bar grilles.

· Performance data shown in the selection charts on the following pages is based on 0 deg, 15 deg. 2way linear bar grilles having the width of 50mm to 300mm linear bar grilles and of 1 Mt. lengths.

· When volume control damper is partially closed for balancing purpose or final air flow control, in addition to pressure drop and sound correction, the throw pattern will be reduced between 10% and 18% depending upon the amount of throttling. Pressure drop will increase accordingly.

· The sound level of a supply grille is in direct ration to the velocity of the air pressure through it.

· Air passing through a properly selected air terminal device will not add any appreciable noise to the sound level of the existing system.

· In order to a new air conditioning system to perform to the designers plans and specifications, it must be properly balanced to deliver the required amount of air through each air terminal device.

· Correct ceiling heights must be observed in order to prevent air stream to drop in to the occupied zone which is generally about 1.8m above floor level.

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